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Archive for May, 2011

Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

Liposuction is a safe procedure that can produce remarkable results for the right candidates. However, candidate selection is crucial to keeping the procedure safe and effective, so at Gayoso Plastic Surgery we take it very seriously. Everyone who has one or more areas of stubborn fat that makes them feel unattractive or self-conscious is a […]

Can Plastic Surgery Help Me Fit into Summer Fashions?

Fashion is notoriously changeable. This summer the hot trends include western wear, floral trends, and even white camisole-style dresses and tops. Next summer, who knows what it will be, but what never changes about summer fashion is its dependence on figure. Whether you are baring skin in the plunging neckline of a sleeveless sun dress […]

Tummy Tuck and Bikinis–Will My Scar Show?

One of the main reasons people want a tummy tuck is to help them look their best in a swimsuit. But women are concerned that the procedure will not help because the tighter, firmer stomach will be overbalanced by the presence of a surgical scar. All surgery produces scars. Dr. Gayoso’s delicate surgical technique establishes […]

Breast Reconstruction with Fat Grafting

The majority of your natural breast tissue is fat, so in order to achieve a natural-looking and natural-feeling reconstructed breast it makes sense to use fat. However, breast reconstruction with fat grafting poses a number of challenges. First, a suitable breast must be prepared to receive the fat. Next, you must have a suitable donor […]