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Archive for October, 2011

Can I Still Get a Mammogram after Breast Augmentation?

Yes. In fact, it is strongly recommended. Breast health after breast augmentation is just as important as breast health before breast augmentation. Unfortunately, some women avoid mammograms after breast augmentation because they are afraid that the compression of the breast during a mammogram will cause their breast implants to rupture. Although this is possible, it […]

What If I Get Pregnant after My Breast Augmentation?

Congratulations! Pregnancy after breast augmentation is largely similar to pregnancy without breast augmentation. There is no concern that breast implants could cause any kind of harm to your baby, either as it develops in the womb or if you decide to breastfeed him or her. On the other hand, there is some risk your breast […]

What Are the Different Types of Breast Lift Scar?

As with all surgical procedures, a breast lift leaves scars. The scar is the result of incisions used to remove excess skin from your breast prior to reshaping it. There are three types of breast lift commonly used. The Benelli or donut lift removes a ring of skin around the nipple-areola complex. This breast lift […]

What Steps Should I Take to Prepare for My Breast Augmentation?

Planning for your breast augmentation can help your recovery go smoother. Here are a few things to make sure you take care of when planning for your breast augmentation. Arrange time off from work. You need time to recover and rest. If you’re gainfully employed, this is often the first item on your calendar that […]