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Archive for December, 2011

Why Does Upper Arm Skin Sag?

Upper arm skin is unfortunately subject to the same ravages of age as much of the rest of the body, only more so for many of us. Sagging in the upper arms is due to two main factors: changes in the skin tissue and gravity. As we age the chemistry of our bodies changes. One […]

What Are My Options for Removing Loose Upper Arm Skin?

There are really only two options for removing loose upper arm skin: nonsurgical procedures that don’t work and the surgical one that does. If you are bothered by loose excess skin in your upper arms and don’t mind taking a gamble, you can try some of the nonsurgical options available. The majority of patients report […]

How Long Do Eyelid Surgery Results Last?

There are currently no high-quality studies on the longevity of eyelid surgery results. Sometimes surgeons will quote figures like five, seven, or ten years, but the truth is nobody knows for sure. This is in part because the results are very long-lasting, almost permanent. Most people who have eyelid surgery never need to have it […]

How to Prevent Adverse Scarring after Surgery

All surgery leads to scars. There is no avoiding it: when the skin is cut, it heals and at the healing site there will be a scar, which may take years to fade. However, plastic surgery scars are not the same as the scar you got from splitting your chin open at age ten. The […]