Do you LOVE the song All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor? We sure do at Gayoso Plastic Surgery….because we ARE all about that bass…your booty bass that is. We offer the latest in Brazilian butt lift (fat grafting to the buttocks) and this is a great way for you to be all about your “bass.” We take it one step further though at Gayoso Plastic Surgery because we are also all about that TREBLE….can’t forget about the “girls” now, can we? Take care of your “treble” with breast augmentation using the newest styles of implants, the form stable shaped gummy bear implants from Allergan. And if your “treble”  has headed south, not only are we sad for you, BUT we have a solution for that issue too! Breast lift surgery (mastopexy) can fix a southern facing “treble”  in no time. Thanks to Meghan Trainor, you proved that we are current and hip and I’m pretty sure we’re in the running for a Grammy of our own!