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Advances in technology are constantly giving plastic surgeons new tools and techniques that can be utilized to give you better body contouring results. Ultrasound-assisted (UA or U/S) liposuction is one of the modern tools that can be used by Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso to target your problem areas and help you achieve the figure you desire. Although manufacturers of these machines and some surgeons that use them can make outrageous claims, UAL is not always better, but it shines for certain applications.

The best way to learn about liposuction and what procedure might be right for you is through a personal consultation with Dr. Gayoso. In this consultation, you can talk about your goals, and Dr. Gayoso will look at your problem areas and recommend a treatment that is appropriate for you. Please call or email us today to schedule your liposuction consultation.

What is ultrasound-assisted liposuction?

To understand the potential benefit of U/S liposuction over traditional liposuction, it is important to understand something about the nature of fat deposits. In general, the number of fat cells in the body and their distribution is set at puberty. Fat deposits grow not by adding more cells, but by each cell getting larger, which makes them stretched and vulnerable.

In U/S liposuction, the cannula, the hollow tube used to target fat cells, also emits ultrasonic energy. This energy can make the fat cells in the area burst and liquefy. The liquefied fat is easier to remove.

The Benefits of Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction

Because U/S liposuction can make it easier to selectively remove fat, it can result in less damage to other tissues in the treated area, such as blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. This means that theoretically U/S liposuction could result in:

  • Less discomfort
  • Less bruising
  • Faster healing
  • Better results

With all this potential, why is U/S liposuction not always used? The truth is that traditional (suction assisted – SAL) liposuction is already a highly selective procedure and in most places accomplishes these goals without the assistance of ultrasonic energy. Since U/S liposuction takes longer, and because the use of this energy has slight risks, it is generally used in places where traditional liposuction cannot accomplish the same level of results. Most often, this is in areas where the fat is fibrous and tough, resistant to traditional liposuction. In these areas, U/S liposuction can make a real difference and improve your results. Some of these areas include:

  • The back
  • Male flanks
  • Breasts
  • Previously treated areas
  • In these areas, U/S liposuction can improve your results, and this makes it the right choice.

Your Plastic Surgeon Makes the Difference

In recent years, there has been an explosion of variations on the liposuction procedure, driven by a number of technological innovations. These new procedures include, laser-assisted liposuction, cryosculpting, water-assisted liposuction, and others. Many of the claims made by doctors about these machines are unsubstantiated, and, in most cases, claims of superiority over traditional liposuction are not approved by the FDA. Many of the newest techniques have not passed the test of time wherein plastic surgeons can make a true assessment of their efficacy and safety. These tools may ultimately offer benefits when properly employed, but this depends on the skill and judgment of your plastic surgeon.

The proper selection of tools for use in your body contouring procedure is another way that your plastic surgeon makes a difference. You need to find a surgeon you trust to make the decision about what type of liposuction can best give you the results you desire.

Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso is a board-certified plastic surgeon with the training to make appropriate decisions about what body contouring procedure will get you the results you desire. And the quality of his results speaks for his judgment and his skill in applying treatments. To judge these results for yourself, look at our Before and After gallery.

To talk to St Petersburg plastic surgeon, Dr. Gayoso and learn about his recommendations for your liposuction procedure, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery today and schedule a consultation in Tampa, St Petersburg or Clearwater, Florida today.