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We understand that, as a woman, your breasts are more than just part of your appearance. They are possibly the most important symbol of femininity, and if they are too small, too large, an unattractive shape, or have been removed due to breast cancer, it can have a large impact on your self-image.

Tampa breast surgeon, Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso has a special interest in breast surgery and has provided breast augmentation, reduction, and reconstruction his entire career. Dr. Gayoso’s approach to breast surgery is to listen to your desires and then perform an examination. This way, the two of you can work together to create a plan that meets your goals with regard to shape and size while recognizing the constraints provided by your body. After your breast surgery consultation, you will understand what to expect from your procedure. Your realistic and educated perspective increases the odds you will get satisfying results.

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Breast Surgery Procedures

We invite you to learn more about the different breast procedures we perform and what they can do for you, including:

The greatest challenge in breast surgery is to make a breast after mastectomy where the breast has been removed because of cancer. This challenge requires that every detail of the breast be made anew. Dr. Gayoso’s regular performance of breast reconstruction has heightened his appreciation for the normal form of the breast, but also improved his ability to perform all breast surgeries.

The beautification of a normal breast that might be too small or may have sagged becomes an artistic endeavor with emphasis on limiting scars and providing improvements in shape and size to exceed patient’s expectations.

Beautiful Breast Shape

Dr. Gayoso’s emphasis in breast surgery is production of beautiful breast shape. While Dr. Gayoso agrees that size is important and is often a patient concern, he feels that it should be the goal to not only provide the size the patient wants but to provide the best possible shape. His goal is to produce a beautiful breast irrespective of size.

Accordingly, this philosophy is applied to cases where patients wish to be larger, smaller or lifted. It becomes most important in patients who had mastectomy for breast cancer and require the construction of a whole new breast.

Ongoing Training

Dr. Gayoso has stayed at the forefront of breast surgery throughout his career, adopting new and proven techniques to improve outcomes in terms of safety and beautiful results.

Regular ongoing education with regard to techniques and devices has allowed Dr. Gayoso to provide the most current breast treatments along with the shortest and most acceptable scars.

Dr. Gayoso attends the Southeastern Breast Symposium and the Breast and Body Contouring meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons frequently and he has been an investigator in the long term adjunct study of silicone implants from 1998 until 2006. He also served as an investigator in the post approval study of the new silicone implants from 2006 to 2010. This meant that he enrolled volunteer patients into a long-term study to assess the performance and safety of silicone implants.

To learn more about breast surgery, Dr. Gayoso’s qualifications, and what procedure might be right for you, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery, helping patients in and around Tampa, Clearwater, and St Petersburg, Florida today.