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Breast Lift St. Petersburg

A breast lift, also known as a mastopexy,  is the ideal procedure for women that have noticed their breasts are changing with age. Where they were once full and perky, they now may be saggy and may also have lost volume, making you feel very self-conscious about them. 

If this is the case, you are not alone, and you can join the tens of thousands of women every year who restore the youthful shape and position of their breasts with a surgical breast lift. At Gayoso Plastic Surgery in St. Petersburg we offer personalized breast lift results that look incredibly natural. 


I am so pleased with the results of my breast surgery! Your staff always made me feel welcome—like family. You are a true professional, a master of your art and I will not hesitate to spread the word.
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A breast lift is a surgical procedure that reshapes the breasts to restore their youthful shape. Typically, young breasts have a nipple/areola complex that is centered on the breast, which is one aspect of an attractive breast shape. 

As we age, breasts are transformed by the constant pull of gravity and a loss of firmness in the breast tissue and skin, causing the nipple to move downward and the upper surface of the breast to lose fullness as the breast tissue as a whole begins to sag.

A breast lift corrects these changes by reshaping the skin and breast mound so that the nipple is restored to a higher place on the breast and the breast has an overall more youthful shape.


There are several variations on the breast lift procedure, depending on how much lifting you require. When appropriate Clearwater breast surgeon, Dr. Antonio Gayoso performs a short-scar breast lift, but it is not always appropriate. Most commonly, Dr. Gayoso will perform these types of breast lifts:

  • Periareolar–incision circles the areola
  • Vertical–incision circles the areola and descends to breast crease, sometimes described as a “lollipop”
  • Wise pattern -incision circles the areola, descends to breast crease, and extends along breast crease, like an anchor

The periareolar technique is used when only a small amount of nipple lifting is required. The vertical technique provides more lifting, and the anchor technique the most amount of lifting.

Breast Lift Before and After Results
Breast Lift Before and After Results

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If your breasts are small or have mainly lost volume, a breast augmentation (implant alone) may suffice to restore its appearance. If the breasts’ shape has sagged significantly, then an implant alone will not lift it, and a lift may be required. 

It is also important to remember that a mastopexy can appear to make the breast smaller as it tightens the skin in order to restore its shape. Often the loss in size is not visually significant, and is more than compensated for by the improvement in breast shape. But if you have lost a significant amount of breast volume, it may be necessary to use breast implants to help restore lost volume while a breast lift is used to restore the breast’s shape in order to get the results you desire.


Selecting a surgeon is the most crucial decision you will make about your breast lift. You depend on your surgeon not only to perform the surgery, but also to give you appropriate recommendations about what procedure will yield the best results for you. 

Dr. Gayoso is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has helped many patients get the results they desire from breast lift and other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. We invite you to look at our Before and After Gallery to see for yourself the quality of his results. But Dr. Gayoso is more than just a skilled surgeon: his friendly and compassionate personality can help you enjoy a positive experience no matter what procedure you elect.

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If your breasts are not as shapely and attractive as they once were, a breast lift can help you regain a youthful breast shape. To learn whether you are a good candidate for the procedure, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery in St. Petersburg to schedule a breast lift consultation with Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso today.