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Questions About Breast Lift SurgeryConveniently located to serve St. Petersburg and Tampa

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgical procedure that reshapes sagging breasts to restore their youthful shape and elevate the nipple/areola complex.

How do I know if I should have a breast lift?

There are many ways to evaluate the sagging of your breasts. The most popular involves placing a ruler at the breast crease and comparing the position of the nipple with the top of the ruler.

In reality, the only test that should matter in your decision is whether you are happy with the shape of your breasts. If you feel that age and other factors, including prior pregnancies, have negatively impacted your breast shape, you should consider contacting a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso to talk about whether a breastlift is right for you. Tampa breast surgeon, Dr. Gayoso will evaluate your breast and make recommendations about whether a breastlift or other breast surgery will give you the results you desire.

Is a breast lift or breast augmentation the best procedure for me?

In general, a breastlift is the best procedure for improving the shape of the breasts, while breast augmentation is used for increasing the size of the breasts. Breast implants are also capable of addressing some shape issues (such as a lack of fullness in the upper part of the breast), if you are looking to improve the shape of your breasts, either a breastlift or a breastlift with implants will be the best procedure for you.

Are there different types of breast lifts? Which one is right for me?

There are several different breastlifting techniques. Which one is right for you depends on the amount of lifting you require and the overall size and shape of your breasts. The periareolar breastlift uses incisions that circle the nipple/areola and provides the least amount of lifting. A vertical or lollipop breastlift uses an incision that encircles the areola and descends to the breast crease, allowing for more reshaping and lifting. An anchor incision encircles the nipple, descends to the breast cease, and travels along the breast crease and provides the most lifting. The more excess of skin that there is, the more lifting and tailoring may be required.

Will I have a scar after my breast lift?

All surgery creates scars, including a breastlift. After your breastlift, you will have scars that reflect the type of operation. A periareolar breast lift leaves a scar around the areola. A vertical or keyhole lift leaves a scar around the areola that also descends in a straight line to the breast crease, sometimes called a “lollipop” scar. An anchor breast lift adds a scar along the breast crease to the lollipop scar. These scars heal as a fine line without suture marks, and are completed with all dissolving sutures

No matter what type of breast lift you have, the scars are always around or below the nipple, so they are well concealed, even in a bikini.

Does a breast lift make my breasts smaller?

A breast lift reshapes the skin of the breast to better support the breast tissue. The lifted breast may weigh about the same as before, but will be more compact and perky. If a loss of volume is responsible for your breasts’ sagging, your breasts may be visibly smaller after the procedure. Most women feel, however, that the benefit of an improved breast shape more than makes up for any decrease in size. For others, breast implants can be used to help supplement your natural breast volume to find an ideal combination of good breast shape and size.

Why should I pick Dr. Gayoso for my breast lift?

Dr. Gayosos a board-certified plastic surgeon and has extensive training in reshaping tissue, including breasts. In addition, creating an aesthetic breast is a matter of experience, judgment, and talent. We invite you to look at our Before and After Gallery to see the quality of results Dr. Gayoso has achieved for other breast lift patients.

Where is your practice located? Do you serve out-of-town patients?

We are located in St. Petersburg, Florida, but we regularly see patients from the Tampa area, including Clearwater, Sarasota and surrounding areas and across the state of Florida. We also have patients from around the country and even around the world. If you are considering coming from out of state for your procedure, we can help you make important decisions about scheduling your procedure.

To talk to Dr. Gayoso about breast lifts and learn whether he is the surgeon for you, please call or email Gayoso Plastic Surgery today to schedule a breast lift consultation.