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Breast Reconstruction St. Petersburg

For more than 18 years, breast reconstruction was a primary focus of our practice. Tampa reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso is regularly recommended by cancer surgeons and performs breast reconstruction on women who have had breast cancer. Though no longer accepting medical insurance for this type of surgery, we do offer an affordable out of pocket option for those desiring to benefit from Dr. Gayoso’s expertise.  With breast cancer reconstruction, we hope to provide a silver lining for patients in a tough spot. A woman should be able to dress each day without worrying about her breasts any more than before breast cancer. At its best the reconstructed breast may be more attractive than before breast cancer. The goal is to try to provide a reconstructed breast that is soft, natural looking, and aesthetically pleasing.

A Personal Interest in Helping Women with Breast Cancer

Dr. Gayoso has had personal experiences with breast cancer in his family which make him especially sensitive to the needs and emotions of women going through this traumatic life event. These experiences fuel his passion for performing breast reconstruction, and he derives a great deal of satisfaction from helping women move on with their lives after breast cancer. He understands that the woman with breast cancer is fighting a battle to beat breast cancer, and part of this battle can be to minimize both the physical and emotional scars.

Patient education is of primary importance in breast reconstruction. Dr. Gayoso and his staff will spend time and develop a close relationship with you in order to help guide you through your breast cancer experience. We will explain all aspects of both the mastectomy and the reconstruction to you in great detail so that you understand what is involved in the process of breast cancer treatment and the surgery for your reconstruction. There are choices patients must make at a very difficult time, and Dr. Gayoso helps to facilitate these. Most of our patients feel that the relationship they develop with Dr. Gayoso helps them feel more comfortable throughout the entire process.

Breast Cancer Surgery and Reconstruction Options

The goal of all breast cancer surgery and treatment is to remove the cancer and prevent its return. However, there are many different variations on surgery and treatment, and which one you undergo will alter your reconstruction options.

Dr.Gayoso provides all three basic variations for post-mastectomy reconstruction:

  • Breast reconstruction using breast implants only
  • Breast reconstruction using your own tissue (a flap reconstruction)
  • Breast reconstruction using a combination of implant and flap

Your body type, health condition, and method of cancer treatment will all affect which option will yield the best results. Your personal preference may also play a large role. At your initial consultation, Dr. Gayoso will review all these factors with you and explain the pros and cons of each option in order to help you decide which method you are more comfortable with. Ultimately, you and he will choose the option which will provide you with the safest, most natural-looking results based on your unique situation.

Whenever possible, Dr. Gayoso desires to complete your breast reconstruction in one operation, but this is not always possible and depends on the nature of your treatment and your cancer surgeon’s recommendations.

Many women choose surgery of the opposite breast, even if it is healthy, in order to ensure that it more closely matches the size and shape of the reconstructed breast. This could be a breast lift, breast reduction, or breast augmentation.


The recovery time and pain varies between techniques. Most patients having mastectomy even without reconstruction stay in the hospital overnight. If expander or implant only reconstruction is done it is still just an overnight stay. With the flap techniques the hospital stay is generally between 2 and 5 days. Additionally there will be a dressing that has to be cared for and kept dry at home after surgery.

It may take several weeks before you can resume normal activities. Dr. Gayoso will inform you of all necessary restrictions to your daily activities. Generally, you should refrain from strenuous physical activity. Overhead stretching, and even physical therapy are encouraged in order to prevent stiffness. Dr. Gayoso will monitor your progress closely during the recovery period to make sure you are healing well.

Please contact our Tampa reconstructive plastic surgeon today to schedule your initial breast reconstruction consultation at Gayoso Plastic Surgery, serving patients in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Sarasota, and Clearwater, Florida.