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Breast Reconstruction Using Your Own TissueConveniently located to serve St. Petersburg and Tampa

The flap tissue method uses tissue from other parts of your body to reconstruct your breast. One of the techniques is to use tissue from the bra line area of the back (latissimus flap). A second technique can use tissue from the lower abdomen (TRAM or DIEP flap)in order to make the new breast. These flap techniques provide more natural feeling breasts than an implant alone can provide. They can help to hide an implant, or eliminate the need for a breast implant. With the latissimus procedure, a breast implant is usually used under the flap, since that tissue is not thick enough to replace the implant completely. With the abdominal tissue procedures (TRAM or DIEP flaps), there is usually much more tissue, and an implant is not used. There are also less commonly performed techniques that move buttocks or thigh tissue as flaps for breast reconstruction.

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Flap techniques will mean that there is a donor site scar either on the back (latissimus flap) or on the lower abdomen, like a tummy tuck scar (TRAM/DIEP flaps.)