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Why should I talk to a plastic surgeon before my breast cancer surgery?

In order to get the best breast reconstruction procedure, it is crucial that you understand your options before your breast cancer surgery. Several studies have shown that not all cancer surgeons educate women about their full range of reconstructive breast surgery options. Talking to a plastic surgeon like Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso will ensure you can make an informed decision about breast reconstruction and, if possible, get your reconstruction performed immediately following your breast cancer surgery.

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What are the goals of reconstructive breast surgery?

In breast reconstruction, our goal is to give you soft, natural-looking, and aesthetically-pleasing breasts. This must not interfere with your cancer treatments. Ideally, after your reconstructive surgery you will feel natural, whole, feminine, and healed.

Can I always get my reconstructive breast surgery at the same time as my breast cancer surgery?

Whenever possible, St Petersburg reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Gayoso will perform reconstructive breast surgery immediately after your breast cancer surgery. Performing surgery this way can minimize scars, and facilitates psychological healing. However, often this is not favorable due to the nature of the tumor, ongoing cancer treatment requirements, or the recommendations of your breast cancer surgeon. Fortunately, the same techniques can provide excellent reconstruction on a delayed basis.

What types of breast reconstruction are available?

There are three common types of reconstructive breast surgery used:

  • Reconstruction with implants alone
  • Reconstruction with a tissue flap alone
  • Reconstruction using a combination of your tissue and implants

Dr. Gayoso performs all three types.

How will my breast cancer surgery affect my reconstructive surgery?

The type of breast cancer surgery you undergo will place restrictions on the timing and type of reconstructive surgery you can elect. The amount of tissue removed, the location of the incisions, and ongoing therapy may all limit your options. Dr. Gayoso will consult with you and your cancer surgeon to find the best solution for safely restoring your breasts after cancer removal.

Why should I pick Dr. Gayoso for my reconstructive breast surgery?

To get the best results from your breast reconstruction, it is important to work with a board-certified plastic surgeon, who has received dedicated training on the proper reshaping of tissue to create a healthy, aesthetic result. It can also be helpful to have an emotionally supportive surgeon who can help you get through the experience with a minimum of trauma. Dr. Gayoso is a board-certified plastic surgeon whose extensive professional and personal experiences with breast cancer help him to be understanding and supportive. Though no longer participating in any insurance plans, our office offers self pay plans that are reasonable and affordable if you desire to have your breast cancer reconstruction with Dr. Gayoso.

To talk to Dr. Gayoso and learn whether he is the right reconstructive plastic surgeon for you, please call or email Gayoso Plastic Surgery today. Serving patients in Tampa, St Petersburg, and Clearwater, Florida.