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Am I a Candidate for Eyelid Surgery?Conveniently located to serve St. Petersburg and Tampa

Eyelid surgery is one of the most effective facial rejuvenation procedures. The procedure is quick, the recovery relatively quick and easy, and the results can be remarkable. Addressing aging in the eye area can have a dramatic impact on your apparent age. To be a candidate for eyelid surgery, you should be in good general health with no current infections, especially eye infections, with aging in the eye area that can be addressed by this procedure.

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This page contains a basic summary of who is a good candidate for eyelid surgery. However, the best way to learn whether you are a candidate for the procedure is to schedule a consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Antonio J. Gayoso. Please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery today to schedule your consultation at our St Petersburg office, just short drive via I-275 from Tampa and Sarasota.

The Ideal Eyelid Surgery Candidate

The ideal eyelid surgery candidate has all of the following characteristics:

  • Aging in the eye area that can be treated with eyelid surgery
  • Good general health
  • Realistic expectations for the procedure

Can Eyelid Surgery Treat My Symptoms of Aging?

Aging in the eye area is very complex and often requires a combination of procedures to treat successfully. The most common symptoms of aging in the eye are that eyelid surgery is used to treat are:

  • Excess, hanging skin in the upper or lower eyelid
  • Puffy fat deposits in the lower eyelid
  • Droopy upper eyelids
  • Hollow areas under the eyes that give the appearance of dark “bags”

If you have hanging eyebrows you may need a brow lift instead of or in addition to your eyelid surgery. Sometimes undereye hollows require dermal filler injections. Crow’s feet and vertical lines between the brows are best treated with BOTOX® Cosmetic injections.

During your consultation, Dr. Gayoso will listen to your cosmetic goals and evaluate the condition of your eyes to determine whether eyelid surgery is right for you.

Good General Health

Being in good general health means that you lead a generally healthy lifestyle, get good amounts of exercise, and are near your ideal weight. Smoking can adversely affect your recovery and results. During your consultation Dr. Gayoso will talk about your medical history, and it is important to share all relevant information, including all medications and natural supplements you are taking.

Realistic Expectations

As mentioned above, aging in the eye area is complex and eyelid surgery only addresses specific aspects. You should understand the procedure and the results you are likely to experience prior to agreeing to the procedure. During your consultation, Dr. Gayoso will help you understand what can and cannot be accomplished through your eyelid surgery.

To learn whether you are a candidate for eyelid surgery, please contact Gayoso Plastic Surgery and schedule a blepharoplasty consultation at our Tampa area practice. We proudly serve the areas of Tampa, St Petersburg, Sarasota and Clearwater, Florida.